Wednesday, March 14, 2012

[Puppet] Exported Resources is a beautiful thing..... thing to use and improvise

Lately, I've been real blunt towards Puppet because of the soup that leaked some specific scenario flaws in very busy times.
So, it's my duty to applause if I like something which is a novel and beautiful concept.

For a well organized auto-magically managed set-up apart from a fine infrastructure and its configuration management mechanism, a very important part is for the monitoring and logging solution to spread across the infrastructure in a similar seamless and scalable fashion.

Puppet enables it very finely with the use of exporting and collecting resources.

Exported Resources are super virtual resources.
Once exported with the storeconfig setting being true, the puppetmaster consumes and keeps these virtual resources out available for all hosts.

Read in detail:

An example from the link above, using a simple File resource
node a {
  @@file { "/tmp/foo":
      content => "fjskfjs\n",
      tag => "foofile",
node b {
  File <<| tag == 'foofile' |>>

It'll have its flaws (as all softwares do, mine and others)..... just hope they don't interfere in my use-cases.

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