Monday, March 5, 2012

MCollective can't handle Puppet ~ just like psychotic love stories

Some puppet-izers didn't like what I said in my last post... still a mess is a mess no matter how worth it might be.
Past 2 months, I've been in pain due to the psychotic love story of MCollective and Puppet.

YES, they are very helpful products to automate configuration management and orchestrate metadata-based multicast-ed actions.

YES, they are now under the same organization PuppetLabs which is whole-heartedly working to improve them so they could retain their status in the started-to-glamour-izing DevOps domain. So, both of them will improve a lot.

But, first of all.
If you don't properly test your corporate-aiming projects over Ruby1.9.x; please do post a big notice on your projects page or at least on first page of your amazing Doc.
My story for past few weeks:
I start using a project..... oh it's failing, debug..... oh it's still failing..... debug.
Ahhhhh, ok ask at IRC.
WHAT? I'm using Ruby1.9.x so its possible I might be facing *some* issues.
Is this is a Joke, I'm trying to stabilize an important project over here.
At least be truthful, and don't behave like TV Commercials with small+quick Disclaimers.

And Again.
I'm managing MCollective over all my instances via Puppet. Obviously, because that's what Puppet is for..... managing state of instances.
I've a CI which instigates MCollective to orchestrate different actions over my infrastructure. That's why I took the pain to get the changing-but-not-releasing MCollective over my infrastructure.

Now, this also involves MCollective firing up Puppet in non-daemonizing mode.
This used to raise an Exception in MCollective due to un-handled 'nil' return value failing up my entire build.
I go on IRC, again trying to get a solution..... I get to know that even this has been fixed later in the git-repo since I rpm-ed it last time. But I also get an answer that this wouldn't work as Puppet no-daemon mode has problems. And if I wanna follow this approach, its my decision.
First of all, what the hell should I do when there is just one straight approach left. Except for if I start using something else to manage MCollective.

Though, I took the latest pull..... rpm-ed it and updated all my nodes. And the Puppet non-daemon problem has not yet been raised.
But, what kind of response is it.
If it wasn't for the team decision..... I'd have changed it overnight x(

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