Sunday, August 21, 2011

cucumber's selenium test failed and firefox ran blank..... OOOPS, version in-compatibility

I faced my cuke test failing a while back, and recently saw some of my colleagues re-checking their environment settings, cucumber installations and tweaking their cuke-features in different ways..... and I thought I missed spreading a major sports-page news for all headline cuke readers which might have been wasting a lot of time of a lot of people just because the word is not well spread.

Newer Versions of Firefox
are not friendly with 
in-trend Selenium Drivers

So, if you have direct selenium tests failing, or write cucumber/capybara behavioral tests but seek the cause for failure of correct behavior... lookout for a version downgrade for your firefox from whatever 4.x, 5.x or higher Beta versions you have to any of 3.x versions.
And in case of being the victim of same in-compatibility, you would see your tests GREEN again.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tech-Xpress-Guide so far... from learnings of year 2010

GitHub Repo ~

As in what I picked up nicely last year, I did Uploaded few How-To Express Guide in past few months on my SlideShare page ~

Tech-Xpress-Guide so far ~

[] using SNMP  for secure remote resource monitoring ~

[] using Nagios for quick & efficient IT Infrastructure monitoring

[] using Cacti for IT Infrastructure monitoring with nice analytic graphing

[] using Zabbix for IT Infrastructure monitoring with easy-to-use Web UI

[] using DummyNet to mock different Network latencies & bandwidth for testing or other purpose

[] creating and using Solaris Native Zones {similar to Linux LXC but much efficient}

[] Ethernet Bonding in *Nix for Load Balancing

[] setting up Squid Cache Proxy service

[] setting Syslog Centralization for *nix machines