Wednesday, March 14, 2012

[Puppet] Exported Resources is a beautiful thing..... thing to use and improvise

Lately, I've been real blunt towards Puppet because of the soup that leaked some specific scenario flaws in very busy times.
So, it's my duty to applause if I like something which is a novel and beautiful concept.

For a well organized auto-magically managed set-up apart from a fine infrastructure and its configuration management mechanism, a very important part is for the monitoring and logging solution to spread across the infrastructure in a similar seamless and scalable fashion.

Puppet enables it very finely with the use of exporting and collecting resources.

Exported Resources are super virtual resources.
Once exported with the storeconfig setting being true, the puppetmaster consumes and keeps these virtual resources out available for all hosts.

Read in detail:

An example from the link above, using a simple File resource
node a {
  @@file { "/tmp/foo":
      content => "fjskfjs\n",
      tag => "foofile",
node b {
  File <<| tag == 'foofile' |>>

It'll have its flaws (as all softwares do, mine and others)..... just hope they don't interfere in my use-cases.

Monday, March 5, 2012

MCollective can't handle Puppet ~ just like psychotic love stories

Some puppet-izers didn't like what I said in my last post... still a mess is a mess no matter how worth it might be.
Past 2 months, I've been in pain due to the psychotic love story of MCollective and Puppet.

YES, they are very helpful products to automate configuration management and orchestrate metadata-based multicast-ed actions.

YES, they are now under the same organization PuppetLabs which is whole-heartedly working to improve them so they could retain their status in the started-to-glamour-izing DevOps domain. So, both of them will improve a lot.

But, first of all.
If you don't properly test your corporate-aiming projects over Ruby1.9.x; please do post a big notice on your projects page or at least on first page of your amazing Doc.
My story for past few weeks:
I start using a project..... oh it's failing, debug..... oh it's still failing..... debug.
Ahhhhh, ok ask at IRC.
WHAT? I'm using Ruby1.9.x so its possible I might be facing *some* issues.
Is this is a Joke, I'm trying to stabilize an important project over here.
At least be truthful, and don't behave like TV Commercials with small+quick Disclaimers.

And Again.
I'm managing MCollective over all my instances via Puppet. Obviously, because that's what Puppet is for..... managing state of instances.
I've a CI which instigates MCollective to orchestrate different actions over my infrastructure. That's why I took the pain to get the changing-but-not-releasing MCollective over my infrastructure.

Now, this also involves MCollective firing up Puppet in non-daemonizing mode.
This used to raise an Exception in MCollective due to un-handled 'nil' return value failing up my entire build.
I go on IRC, again trying to get a solution..... I get to know that even this has been fixed later in the git-repo since I rpm-ed it last time. But I also get an answer that this wouldn't work as Puppet no-daemon mode has problems. And if I wanna follow this approach, its my decision.
First of all, what the hell should I do when there is just one straight approach left. Except for if I start using something else to manage MCollective.

Though, I took the latest pull..... rpm-ed it and updated all my nodes. And the Puppet non-daemon problem has not yet been raised.
But, what kind of response is it.
If it wasn't for the team decision..... I'd have changed it overnight x(