Monday, August 12, 2013

Fabric (py orchestration util) issue with my FreeBSD node, and Easy Fix

Recently I started implementing a Fabfile to deal with 7-8 different types of linux/bsd distributions at a time.

Now for the folks new to term "Fabfile", it's the key what-to-do guide for Fabric. Fabric is a fine Orchestration utility capable of commanding numerous remote machines in parallel. For the ruby community folks, you can call it Capistrano's Python sibling.

The way Fabric works is whatever you ask it to "run(<cmd>)" over remote nodes, it runs that command by passing it to " bash -l -c '<cmd>' ".

Now as the issue was with my FreeBSD machine is it didn't had "bash" in the first place. So, it was failing.

It can be fixed in 2 ways

First way,
add a line like following to make Fabric use the SHELL present on the remote node, as FreeBSD node had 'C Shell'... so = '/bin/csh -c'

Second way,
install 'bash' on the remote nodes and make sure it's reachable via path "/bin/bash"

pkg_add -r bash 
ln -sf /usr/local/bin/bash /bin/bash

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