Thursday, May 16, 2013

pycallgraph : usage example

'pycallgraph' is a fine python utility enabling developers to prepare call graph for any python code piece... it also notifies the number of times a call being made and total time spent in it


it require 'graphviz' ( to be present on the same machine for image generation from the analyzed calls data...

install : $ pip install pycallgraph

Usage#1 Selective graphing

wrap the code to be graphed as follows...
import pycallgraph
fetch() # logic to be graphed
just_log() # logic NOT to be graphed
process() # logic to be graphed

Usage#2 Decorator

Import the decorator method and place the decorator over any method where call graph is required...
import this file wherever you require the @callgraph decorator and use it

Decorator Python code. Sample code with decorator usage and selective trace usage are at end of this blog... from this gist:

pycallgraph.start_trace() method lets you pass a filter function to not graph some modules on purpose, say in nova I don't wanna graph all the dependency libraries magical calls...

STATUTORY WARNING: Graph will be huge for a very high level call and probably unreadable due to overworked image generator. Use it wisely on burnt areas.

Call Graph images for code sample in Gists

for call with decorator

for call with selective trace

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