Friday, March 8, 2013

make rvmsudo using running user's env values

I was automating my personal linux box setup in opscode chef, to ease my life hence-forth and reach practice what I preach state...
While setting-up the 'development' tools recipe, automating the 'nodejs' set-up... due to missing reliable yum repository, decided on using 'nvm' (it's for nodejs as rvm is for ruby).

to utilize 'nvm' to install/manage 'nodejs', need to install it first
$ curl | sh

How here works is, it calculates NVM_TARGET="$HOME" to handle the location for '.nvm' directory cloned from the nvm git repo, where the entire nodejs environment lives.

I had the install command as execute with the user value referred to the dev-user of my choice.

While running 'rvmsudo chef-solo ....', it picks desired user but because of $HOME inference in the 'nvm/' still the HOME value got picked for '/root'. It messed up the situation.

To fix it, and any certain issues around permission which might occur... using
$ rvmsudo USER=$USER HOME=$HOME chef-solo -j....
it's working with desired output.

Though, I need to correct my nodejs set-up by pushing the required RPM to my yum reposiotry.

But, this 'rvmsudo' trick can be used for any similar scenarios where you need sudo privileges for rvm but desire to provide current users' environment values.

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