Sunday, June 19, 2011

[dev-ruby] 'gherkin' need a native install AND I ported entire jruby dir

When I started working on 'derailed_cuke', I was newbie at 'Cucumber' and it's dependency list included 'Gherkin'... I was using JRuby.

[[ derailed_cuke ]] 
this project is a simple way to use cucumber tests independent of any Rails using Ruby's Rake.

Due to some reasons... I copied this project on another machine along-wth entire JRuby-Pack from older machine.
Now, this JRuby-Pack of mine from older machine already had all the gems installed in it and was kin'of a portable setup with script declaring environment variables for '$JRUBY_HOME' & '$JRUBY_HOME\bin' to be added to $PATH.

I setup JRuby-Pack & started the application 'derailed_cuke'. There was the error for gem 'gherkin' of not being present.
But, I had it installed on earlier machine when I got Cucumber installed.

I called in 'gem install gherkin' again to make-up for whatever have been missing.
Installation Successful. But still a 'gherkin' error was there. Running 'gem list' showed that now I had two versions of gherkin installed.
Looking a more into issue, resolved it as:
[*] the newest version just installed wasn't desired by Cucumber,
[*] the version desired by Cucumber was copied from another box and,
[*] 'gherkin' requires a 'Native Install' 

*** thus do a clean 'bundle install' to avoid such newbie mistakes

So, doing a native install of specific 'gherkin' gem was required.

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