Monday, January 17, 2011

[security] prying 'ears' at 'get-some-fresh-air-spots' near office

the first task I did in an organization (it was an assigned task) was to PRY around and see if I get caught... though it was easy to roam around office and connect to network once I'm past the entry checks for office...

But, this made me think what about information coming to me walking out of those entry check-points... at hangout spots near offices, where techies come in group or alone on a call and then they can't resist all the headache this-n-that-technology is causing them mostly with intricate details (which they feel is normal data as everyone in their group already know it, but what about prying ears).

I don't pry around, just go to tea-stall outside my office with my friends... and still get to know some internal details of other organizations 'cuz they are chattered by a person standing next to me...

if someone do it with motive and attention  'a lot can happen over a cup of tea'  ;)

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